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Trapt Concert

Venue: Okay well not really a venue it was a bar and grill. The district in rockford IL

Rate: 3 out of 10. Now im being nice i would have given it a 1 but thats a little harsh. Why a 3 well it would be a good place as a bar and grill they have that but for a music concert def not. They kept screwing up the sound and having issues with getting things to work. Every band kept telling them to turn up the mics well one you couldnt really hear them sing cuz they they didnt have the mics at the right tune. You pay to see these people perform at least realize that the mics need to be good not some cheap set.. was annoying not being able to hear the band sometimes..but what i did hear all the bands did amazing.. Another thing with this place is they are strict these two guys were having fun just head banging and the security guy told them to stop.. one a rock concert there is moshing pushing around head banging thats how a concert should be.but then his buddies were being jackasses towards the band and just in general n they allowed them to be idiots. this place i def dont recommend going to see a concert or go there in general. they are only good to there friends not other customers.

Band: Trapt

Rate: 7 out of 10

they did great he sounds like the album he has such an amazing voice!!! it was awesome. He really can sing and that’s talent right there!! =D the only thing i wish was they did more they just kinda stood there but then again they are older then they were before and it was midnight so i don’t completely blame that. the sound of his voice was good enough to keep me entertain!!! i will def go back and see them next time they come to town as long as they don’t play at the district again haha.. i recommend to see them live..

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